Why You Should Learn Guitar and Its Benefits

The guitar comes first in mind whenever we mention any musical instruments. Now, the first question that comes right before it is whether you should learn a guitar as a beginner. Or is it easier to learn compared to other instruments, and what are its benefits? 

To answer all your queries, I’ve prepared this article. Here, I’ll explain everything about why you should learn a guitar and its benefits in detail. So, let’s start the article.      

Benefits of Guitar Learning

why you should learn guitar

Here, I’ve mentioned some significant benefits of a guitar that grab the attention of any music enthusiast. You can also take these benefits as the reason why learning a guitar is easier compared to other instruments.

1. Portable and Accessible

One of the great things about the guitar is its portability. You can carry it almost anywhere, and with the right-sized instrument, it’s comfortable to handle. This means you can practice it whenever and wherever you want, making your practice more consistent and easily achievable.

2. Minimal Music Theory

Unlike some instruments that require a deep understanding of music theory, the guitar allows you to start making music with just a few basic chords. You don’t need to be a music theory genius to play your favourite songs.

3. Quick Gratification

Guitarists often experience quick gratification. With a guitar, you can learn a few chords and strum along to popular songs within a short time. This sense of accomplishment can keep you motivated to learn more and dive deeper into the instrument.

Learning Process:

Guitar learning process

Nowadays, the process of learning guitars is very accessible and affordable. Here’s how: 

1. YouTube Tutorials

YouTube has plenty of online tutorials for guitar lessons, whether as a beginner or an experienced guitarist. You can find step-by-step lessons on everything from basic chords to complex solos. Just search, watch, and practice at your own pace.

2. Beginner-Friendly Songs

There’s a vast library of beginner-friendly songs with simple chord progressions that you can start playing right away. This encourages you to keep practising and improving your skills while enjoying the music.


Another reason the guitar is easier to learn is its versatility. It’s an instrument that can adapt to various music genres. The guitar can accompany your musical journey, whether you’re into rock, pop, folk, blues, or classical music.

So, why is the guitar easier to learn? Because it opens doors to a wide range of musical possibilities, allowing you to explore different styles and find your unique sound.


So, the conclusion that comes is that a guitar is relatively more beginner-friendly than most other instruments. And yes, it is easier to learn and more convenient. Moreover, if you put all together its benefits, the guitar tops the rank as an independent music instrument. 

So, if you are interested in learning a musical instrument, considering the guitar won’t be the wrong choice. 


1. Is it necessary to read sheet music to learn the guitar?

No. Many guitarists rely on chord charts and tabs, which are easier to grasp for beginners.

2. Can children learn to play the guitar easily?

Yes, children can learn to play the guitar with the right-sized instrument and proper guidance. Many young musicians start their guitar journey at an early age.

3. Is it too late to learn the guitar as an adult?

It’s never too late to learn the guitar. Many adults pick up the instrument and find immense joy in playing music at any stage of life.

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